Creating a WEB3 community for women and youth

As a community of equal opportunities, we empower women and youth with digital financial literacy for the 21st Century (Web3 technologies, cryptocurrencies, NFTs)
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What we do
DAO Weincrypto brings together people who aim to increase their digital financial literacy and to help women and youth reach their full potential in the Web 3 era.

Our Team

  • Varvara Lokteva
    Head of finance and communications at @weincrypto, entrepreneur with experience in PR, GR and producing, led startups with a turnover of 800 thousand USD
  • Tatyana Zelenskaya
    Central Asian-recognized artist, Index on Censorship award winner, co-founder of @weincrypto and NFT-artist
  • Elena Chigibaeva
    Trainer and mentor of @weincrypto online school, crypto enthusiast and crypto investor. Elena has extensive experience in launching and developing startups

Our solutions

Online school on digital finance literacy
NFT collections

Web3 incubation programs for women and youth
The Online Bootcamp on Digital Financial Literacy for Women in partnership with Bybit
Pre-registration is open
Start on the 5th of January

Our educational program

Who can participate

  • The course is primarily intended for girls and women
    To help them deal with the cryptocurrency market in a simple and accessible way: mums on maternity leave, women entrepreneurs, working girls and women, but thinking about passive sources of income and capital accumulation
  • Young people 18+
    New to digital finance and investment but willing to discover a new way to accumulate capital and understand the future of money
  • Enthusiasts of everything new
    Web3.0 technologies, digital solutions, the future of money

Mentors and Speakers

  • Elena Chigibaeva

    Weincrypto co-founder and crypto investor with experience investing and trading on various platforms. An experienced business coach and mentor. She completed an internship in Silicon Valley at BigCommerce under the TechWomen program in 2018.

  • Sani Parizheva

    Works with Bybit partners, actively invests in crypto. Knows everything about earning opportunities within the Bybit exchange. "I am from the future, because Crypto is the future and new opportunities."

  • Julia Smirnova

    Bybit Fiat and P2P Manager. At Bybit, Julia is developing a P2P platform in the CIS. She has been working with cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies for more than two years. At first, she wrote articles about crypto regulation for several companies, and then she began to actively apply her knowledge in practice. Now she is working on services that make cryptocurrency even more accessible and convenient for everyone.


Crypto Start
200 USD
  • 10 lessons
  • All masterminds
  • + 1 month of lessons access
Crypto Premium
500 USD
  • 3 Individual mentorships sessions
  • + Membership NFT
  • 6 months access to the events and platform
Our partners
If you are interested in becoming a partner or sponsor, please feel free to contact us.
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